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Distilling is our life, spirits are our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of other things which won’t make your life better.


No Return Gin

A gin that’s been satisfying aficionados and converting sworn gin enemies for the last three years, our No Return Gin captures the essence of the Idaho wilderness in a bottle. Highlighting organic botanicals like douglas fir tips, sage, and of course juniper, No Return is smooth and complex. While it gets along well with friends, creating dynamite cocktails, No Return is just as happy to be sipped alone


NOSE Spice on the nose with notes of sage, juniper, Douglas Fir tips with a subtle floral quality.

TASTE Herbaceous, complex and full-flavored. Notes of cinnamon, sage and juniper marry with bitter, fruity notes from cardamom and coriander.

FINISH Clean smooth finish, only a whisper of the gin flavors linger on the tongue.

DISTILLATION Our gin is meticulously distilled on our hand-hammered alembic pot still on Sun Valley Road in Ketchum, Idaho. Our still’s traditional design and our time-honored distillation methods allow us to impart a complexity and depth of flavor not always attributed to gin.

BASE SPIRIT Neutral Spirit distilled from organic Idaho wheat.

THE WATER We only use our local water that flows to us from the surrounding Northern Rocky Mountain peaks. The water is high in mineral content and as pure as water can come.



PROOF: 80 |ABV: 40%

DISTILLERY: Warfield Distillery – Ketchum, Idaho – USA 

Mayday Vodka

When it comes to vodka, less is more, and Mayday Vodka is like a ghost. Upon first sip, it provides the smooth warmth of the alcohol and then disappears from your pallet as quickly as it arrived. Distilled from organic Idaho wheat, Mayday Vodka honors Sun Valley’s iconic triple chair, which has been providing access to every stash in the Baldy Mountain’s bowls for generations. A slow, seven-minute ride offers epic views and plenty of time to rest burning legs and remember that getting up can be as enjoyable as getting down. 


NOSE: Clean with just the faintest notes of the base grains of organic wheat.

TASTE: Smooth flavor, full bodied with a warming alcohol presence with touch of wheat sweetness hiding in the background.

FINISH: Neutral yet rounded with a gentle, quickly dissipating burn to remind you that you’re still drinking vodka.

DISTILLATION Our vodka is continuously distilled through a column still, achieving the highest level of purity.

BASE SPIRIT Neutral Spirit distilled from organicIdaho wheat.

THE WATER We only use our local water that flows to us from the surrounding Northern Rocky Mountain peaks. The water is high in mineral content and as pure as water can come.


PROOF: 80 | ABV: 40%

DISTILLERY: Warfield Distillery – Ketchum, Idaho – USA


Sister City Brandy

Crafted to celebrate the longstanding kinship between the Sister Cities of Kitzbühel, Austria and Sun Valley, Idaho, Sister City Brandy is meticulously crafted from fresh pressed Northwest pears. The nose boasts a strong fruit aroma and the taste is smooth and complex with a lingering, warming finish.


NOSE: Fresh Pear, Crisp Apple, Cherry Blossom

PALATE: Grape Pomace, Cinnamon, Fennel, Floral

FINISH: Lingering, Warm Fruit & Clove

DISTILLATION: Gently distilled on our alembic copper potstill, we ensure the fresh pear notes carry through to the finished spirit. The short height of our still lends a rich, full-flavored final spirit that is best enjoyed neat.

Proof: 88

Format: 375mL

PROOF: 88 | ABV: 44% | Format: 375mL

DISTILLERY: Warfield Distillery – Ketchum, Idaho – USA


There’s something a bit magical in the way spirits are made.  Sure, most of it’s science, different boiling points allowing ethanol to be separated from water.  But the flavors and nuances of a spirit come from the inexact melding of flavors on the molecular level, influenced by the design of the copper pot still, water chemistry and the hands that coax the liquor to life.


Our 215 gallon copper pot was hand-hammered by James Davies of Craftsman Copper in Olympia, Washington. Its short, alembic shape creates satisfyingly full flavored spirits including our No Return Gin, Sister City Brandy, and signature Warfield Whiskey.

Small Batch Perfection

Handcrafted in the Mountains of Idaho, we distill nothing but the best.


What shall we drink?Let's have a cocktail!



1.5 oz Mayday Vodka
3 oz Grapefruit juice
Coarse sea salt


1 oz No Return Gin
1 oz Campari
1 oz Sweet vermouth

Stir and pour over ice, a giant cube, or serve up.


Best enjoyed neat and with friends.
We’re committed to crafting spirits that embrace traditional methods and celebrate our unique corner of the world. Our whiskey is made entirely in-house from mash through to the barrel using only the best organic malts we can get our hands on. Our gin is born of organic botanicals with a special emphasis on botanicals native to the Northern Rockies. Everything we do in our distillery is focused on keeping things simple and doing all the little things right. Our passion and dedication to our craft is evident in each and every bottle of Warfield spirits.